UI/UX Design
Sep 2022 - Dec 2022
Meetwise is a social media application that solves the problem of “identifying the optimal location and determining the activities for a large gathering of friends.”

When many friends decide to meet, they may have trouble in finding the spot equally distant for everyone to reach and in deciding what the group should do. When the users input the locations of their friends, the app will provide them with the best geographical options and generate a list of things for the group to do.
When a large group of friends plan to gather, they may have difficulty in selecting the location that works best for everyone. Also, determining the activities at the gathering may be arduous because opinions will vary widely among the members of any large group. In short, what are some efficient ways to find the best location that is fair for everyone and discover what activities everyone will enjoy at that location?
Product Goal
The product goal is to enable users to identify the ideal location for all group members to reach and decide the activities for the group to do there. 

Business Goal
The business goal is to create an app that focuses on the needs friends have when gathering in a large group. The app is designed to facilitate the process of finding the ideal destination for everyone to go and planning the activities best suited for all members of the group.
Target Audience
Young adults who find it difficult to select the destination that is equally easy for each person to reach and agree on what to do at that location

Olivia Nelson

“I spend too much time looking for nice new restaurants that are about equidistant from where my and my friends’ places are.”
- An extroverted, social person
- Age 26, college educated
- Lives in New York, NY
- Works as a product designer

- Grabs dinner with friends after work on weekdays
- Loves going to different restaurants and trying new menus
- Loves going shopping and going to the movies on weekends with friends
- Has friends who live far away from her place
- Usually takes public transportations to meet with friends 

Needs & Goals
- Looks for a place to meet that is geographically centralized for her and her friends
- Doesn’t want her friends to drive many hours and get exhausted just to grab dinner with her
- Wants to quickly find a good restaurant that she and all of her friends will love
- Wants to be more decisive when settling on where to meet and what to do with her friends
- Wants to make sure she listens to all of her friends’ opinions about where to meet and what to do

Michael Jones

“Last week, one of my friends had to drive 3 hours just to go hiking with me and my friends, while other friends drove less than an hour. He looked exhausted even before we started hiking.”
- An active, social person
- Age 32, college educated
- Lives in San Francisco, CA
- Works as a fashion designer

- Loves doing outdoor activities like surfing with a large group of friends every weekend
- Usually grabs dinner with friends after doing outdoor activities on weekends
- Becomes indecisive when he has to select a restaurant among the many great places available
- Usually drives to the meeting point to meet up with friends
- Feels bad when one of his friends has to drive many hours and be worn out just to see him

Needs & Goals
- Looks for a spot to do activities that is equally distant from his place and the places of his friends
- Looks for a restaurant that is centrally located for all of his friends
- Wants to try new types of outdoor activities with friends
- Tries to listen to every single friend’s opinion when deciding what outdoor activities to do
- Hopes to minimize miscommunication when talking in a large group of friends
User Interview
To better understand the users, I interviewed eight people of different professions, aging 21 to 40. The interview was structured with open-ended questions to make sure they share all aspects of their habits and pain points. 

User Quotes

“I met with a group of friends last week. I felt really bad for one of them because he had to drive 2 hours just to have dinner with us. The place where we got together was close to some of us, but it was really far away from his location.”

Alex L.

“When we have a large group of friends, it is difficult to decide where to meet, when to meet, and what to do when we meet up because we all have different ideas. So it is hard to come up with a plan that everyone can settle on.”

Jieun P.

“When I try to decide where to meet and what to do with a large group of people, sometimes misunderstandings occur from miscommunication. It would be great if there is some way to minimize such issues.”

Sam K.

Learnings & Findings
Assumption 1
People like to meet up with their friends at a place that’s equally distant from each one. 

Finding 1
Most interviewees meet up with their friends at a centralized location. It's a large group. However, interviewees who are meeting up with just one friend say they don’t mind going somewhere near the friend’s place even though it takes a long time to get there.

Assumption 2
People face difficulties when they try to plan activities for a large gathering of friends because everyone wants to do something different.

Finding 2
The interviewees believe that in large groups, the introverts tend not to voice their opinions. In this case, making everyone vote for what activities they want to do via a poll will allow everyone to take part in the decision making.

Assumption 3
The more people there are, the more likely miscommunication can happen.

Finding 3
The interviewees believe that using a group chat or poll can reduce miscommunication. In a group chat, people can leave their opinions. When they are not sure if they correctly remember what others have said, they can always refer to the group chat. They can also look at the poll results to see what each person has voted for.
Create an app to help users save time and energy by finding the centralized geographical location and helping them make decisions about what activities to do there.
User Testing
I conducted the user testing with eight people. Based on the feedback, I made revisions to the design, improving the flow and making the app more user-friendly.
Hi-Fi Prototype
Final Screens
Feature 1
Enter locations and find the spot equally distant for everyone to reach
Feature 2
Complete a survey in which users can vote for where they would like to go and what they would like to do
Feature 3
See the most voted places and activities
Feature 4
Share the information about the restaurant in a group chat